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The BCGEU offers health and safety courses to our members that serve as BCGEU OHS representatives, as well as employer OHS representatives. The BCGEU invites and encourages employer representatives to attend BCGEU OHS training courses.

Occupational Health and Safety education helps to build stronger and more effective committees who are better equipped to understand their role in health and safety at their workplaces. Well-functioning, proactive committees are the key to the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. Joint committee members who are trained and able to identify workplace hazards will be able to recommend solutions.

Workers appointed to their joint committees by the BCGEU are entitled to 8 hours of education within the first 6 months of being appointed, under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, 3.27. Under the Workers Compensation Act, Section 135, all committee members are also entitled to 8 hours of annual OHS training.

OHS committees are required at worksites with 20 or more workers. If you work at a smaller worksite (9-19 workers), a worker health and safety representative must be appointed. These representatives are also entitled to 8 hours of OHS education annually. In addition, under Section 3.27 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, new appointees must receive at least 4 hours of orientation training. 

BCGEU courses are participatory and designed to deliver information in an effective and engaging format that appeals to all types of learners. Experienced BCGEU workers facilitate the courses. In the BC Public Service (provincial government), OHS courses are delivered jointly by the BCGEU and the Public Service Agency.

Course Descriptions

For both government and non-government health and safety representatives, the BCGEU offers basic OHS committee training, as well as courses in incident investigations, ergonomics, the prevention of workplace violence, and anti-bullying.

Government members will find OHS course descriptions below:​

Labour code (non-government) members will find our course descriptions below:
OHS Course Descriptions

How to Sign Up for a BCGEU OHS course

BCGEU OHS courses are open to BCGEU health and safety representatives as well as employer representatives.

Note: BCGEU Joint OHS committee members and worker representatives are entitled to a minimum of 8 hours of annual OH&S training, as mandated by the Workers' Compensation Act and your Collective Agreement. Please ensure that you have approval from your employer prior to applying for this EMPLOYER PAID training.

Government members register for courses though The Public Service Agency's Learning Centre website​

Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) workers can register for courses by emailing

Labour code (non-government) members register for courses in their area through our Events website:

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